Graying of hair is the symptom of improper protein synthesis. The white or gray hairs start to grow when the production of color pigment called melanin stops, and in its place small air spaces are formed. Pigment cells located at the root of each hair follicle is responsible for producing the natural dominant color of your youthful hair. With age these pigment cells die gradually resulting into the loss of color from an individual's hair. The process of graying can start in the middle age and with the passing age more and more gray hairs appear.


Gray hairs usually develop with ageing, but some people may also face premature graying. This kind of early graying of hair is basically a hereditary and one can inherit this from parents or grandparents. This means that if your father or mother had a premature graying, there is possibility that you will also have the same condition.

Other than hereditary, gray hair can also occur due to stress. If a person experiences enduring stress and anxiety, there are chances that white hairs will gradually appear.

Following are the other causes Premature Graying:

  • Malnutrition and unclean scalp
  • Stress – worry, shock, deep sorrow and tension
  • Severe illness
  • Cosmetics – hard shampoo
  • Repetitive use of hair dryer
  • Washing hair in hot water

Pulling out one gray hair will cause two gray hairs to grow in that place is a myth. However, there is a possibility that when you pull out the gray hair, the neighboring hair is already in the process turning gray and this might make you believe that if you pull one gray hair, two appear in that place.

Herbal Remedy:

The treatment that can prevent premature graying includes a perfect combination of herbs, hair tonics, vitamins A and B, proteins and minerals. You should also use the hair products such as hair oil, shampoo, and conditioners that are gentle and do not contain harsh detergents like sodium laurel sulfate. Proper nourishment, grooming and daily massage with fingertips is also important for enhanced blood circulation, hair texture, growth, and luster.

Those suffering from GRAYING/ PREMATURE GRAYING can benefit by using safe and effective herbal medicines along with diet regimen. For doctor's online consultation, please fill up the below form.


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