Urticaria is a condition where there is cutaneous swelling and erythema. This is a recurring and a transient condition which is sometimes triggered by an allergy, but often times it is mediated by non-allergic methods. When such allergy takes place the patient suffers from raised itchy rashes on the skin. Such rashes can be in one small part of the skin or can spread over a large area of the body. These rashes subside within few days and can completely go away in six to seven weeks.

Ayurvedic View:

Modern medicines believe that allergy is the main cause of urticaria, but as per the Ayurveda the real reason is in the aggravation of kapha and vata and their combined force overriding the pitta.


Following are the symptoms of urticaria:

  • Raised red and white patches
  • Itchy rashes and patches
  • Occurrence in parts or whole surface of the body
  • Irritation in the area of the patches


Causes of urticaria include:

  • Physical allergens – cold, heat and sun
  • Inherited allergens – hyper sensitivity and hereditary angioedema
  • Pharmacological allergens – drugs, food, inhalants, pollens and pet fur
  • Miscellaneous allergens – intestinal parasites, pregnancy, diabetes and hyper thyroidism
  • Idiopathic allergy
  • Triggers – stress, alcohol, caffeine, insect bites etc.

Common Herbs that can help in urticaria:

Application of aloe vera can help in lessening the itching; it also reduces inflammation and will act as a protective layer. Pineapple is very effective in decreasing the allergy effects and it is an efficient anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric, ginger, Oregon grape and burdock are also effective anti-inflammatory herbs; consume them to feel relief from the acute urticaria.

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