Fibroid is a benign tumor developed in the muscular wall of the womb, it is made up of fibrous and muscular tissue. More than one fibroid can form in the womb at one time and they cause excessive pain and bleeding. Fibroids can grow in size but are not life threatening. However, if fibroids are not treated properly and in time they can cause trouble in conceiving.

Generally women over the age of 30 are affected by this condition. Fibroids can be removed surgically, but there are herbal remedies that can dissolve fibroids without any complication. In severe cases of fibroids a surgery becomes necessary.


Symptoms of fibroid can be listed as follows:

  • Frequent urge of urination
  • Excessive pain and bleeding during menses
  • Continuous abdominal pain
  • Pain felt during intercourse


The exact cause of fibroid formation in womb is still not known, but it is believed they occur due to increased level of female hormone called oestrogen.

Remedy for Fibroids:

Important herbs to treat fibroids include chaste berry, red clover, red raspberry, and licorice. Oleander extracts are also effective in dissolving fibroids. Always choose whole grains to eat and drink a lot of water if you do not want fibroids to develop. There are a certain things you need to avoid to restrict development of fibroids in the womb such as pesticides treated food, preservatives, saturated fat, alcohol, smoking and high quantity of sugar.

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