Constipation is a very frustrating and painful disease. This disorder is very common among the people of all ages today. The general causes of this condition are inactive or effortless life styles and consumption of rich diet. For some people this condition can be temporary, but for many people constipation is a long term (chronic) problem.

If the condition lasts long the constipated person can develop hemorrhoids, which results into further complication and pain. Although people of all ages suffer from constipation, this disease is more common among older people and pregnant women.

Ayurvedic View:

Ayurveda believes that good 'Pachan Shakti' or digestive capability is absolutely vital for a person's good health. But if a person follows improper food habits that are not suited to the body type, then constipation, indigestion and other digestive problems arise.


The symptoms of constipation are as follows:

  • Urge to pass the stool, but lack of ability to do so
  • Heaviness in the abdomen
  • In later stage the person feels lethargy, headaches, and loss of appetite
  • Flatulence
  • Inability to completely empty bowels


The causes of constipation are as follows:

  • Faulty diet and lifestyle
  • Insufficient fluid intake
  • Consuming food that is not rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers
  • Consuming too much coffee or tea
  • Sometimes eating large quantities of meat can lead to constipation
  • Insufficient chewing
  • Suppressing the urge to pass stool
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress, anxiety, trauma or depression
  • Side effects to certain medicines

Remedy to constipation:

Certain changes in lifestyle can help you bring your bowel movement back to normal. This includes change in diet, where you have to eat more fibers, fruits and vegetables and increase in the intake of water and other fluids. Regular exercise is also very important to treat constipation. Castor oil helps in stimulating large and small intestine so take a couple of spoons to have a smooth stool. Food that is rich in fiber includes raisins, figs, beans, cereal, oatmeal etc.

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